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Friday, 20 June 2014

Results day.

I went through it all, pretending it wasn't going to happen, counting days until the dreaded email arrived, complete avoidance of the subject, but today was the day, I finally got my third year results from uni.

To be honest, I did try and take my mind off of the fact that at some point today THAT email would drop into my inbox by going shopping. Sadly I didn't find anything that took my mind off of results for too long; is it just me that thinks shops have just stocked up on junk this summer?

But after all the hard work, late nights, frantic phone calls, nerves and worry I got exactly what I wanted.

There were screams, tears, full on shock (for real, I was shaky and everything) and then I thought i'd reward myself by eating a box of chocolates and drinking a large, large glass of Pimms & lemonade. 

I hope that everyone else got exactly what they wanted, nothing beats the feeling of being rewarded like that after you've worked so hard, so congratulations. And now...PARTY! (or at least for a little while until we have to find jobs or make real life adult decisions)

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